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What is LabVIEW?

LabVIEW is system development software by National Instruments that is used to develop applications for data acquisition, control, and measurement. It allows rapid application development with high reliability and easy integration with NI and third party hardwares.

Nearly 35000+ companies all over the world uses LabVIEW to solve engineering challenges in industries such as Academic & Research, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Electronics, Energy, Semiconductor, Medical, Industrial Machinery, and more. Some list of companies that uses LabVIEW are Tesla, SpaceX, ISRO, CERN, Apple, Thales, Honeywell, Microsoft, Tektronix, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, Autodesk, Microsoft, arm, IBM, Analog Devices, GE, Jaguar LR, Renault Nissan, NXP, Moog, NXP, Bosch, RRCAT, and more.

Why should I take LabVIEW training and certification?

  • Develop robust and scalable small, medium, large scale and mission critical applications using LabVIEW
  • Improve your productivity and develop applications faster with highest reliability
  • Advance your career using LabVIEW Certifications
  • Start career or switch roles using LabVIEW
  • Start your own business as NI Alliance Partner

Advantages at work

  • Quality of their work and confidence improved
  • Employer, Customers, and Peers’ perceptions improved
  • New project opportunities
  • Increased compensations and promotions at work

Perks of Certification

  • Internationally Industry recognized certification
  • You can start your own NI Alliance Partner company
  • Free invitation to Annual NI Certified Professionals conferences to learn, network, and grow(CLD Summit, CLA Summit)
  • CLAs have access to private discussion forum page
  • Develop value in the industry - More than 35,000 + Companies around the world uses LabVIEW
  • Industries include Academic & Research, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Energy, Electronics, Semiconductors, Medical, Industrial Machinery and more

Should I take trainings from Grafitects?

Grafitects has proven and refined trainings that has transformed the work life of hundreds of scientists, engineers, and students from the industry. You get exactly what you are looking for and learn the best with record time and effort, and produce highest productivity and effectiveness out of the developers,

Current Stats:

  • Hundreds of participants trained
  • Thousands of hours of trainings conducted
  • Hundreds of hours of code reviews performed
  • Produced more than hundred CLDs and a CLA (And Counting)
  • Received hundreds of highly acclaimed feedbacks verbally and digitally (LinkedIn recommendations)

What is Certified LabVIEW Developer?

Certified LabVIEW Developer or CLD is the second level NI certification for LabVIEW professionals that demonstrates the competency of using LabVIEW to develop robust and scalable medium applications using software engineering skills.

You need to sit four hour application development exam to become CLD. It is an internationally valid certification and highly sought after certification in the industry.

What is Certified LabVIEW Architect?

Certified LabVIEW Architect or CLA is the third and final level NI certification for LabVIEW professionals that demonstrates the competency of using LabVIEW to architect and manage large scale critical and complex applications in multi developer environment.

You need to sit four hour architecture development exam to become CLA. It is an internationally valid certification and highly sought after certification in the industry.

What is Actor Framework?

Actor Framework is the most advanced method of developing large scale complex applications with multiple asynchronous processes.

There are only few developers in the industry who uses Actor Framework. It uses Object Oriented concepts to make your application highly scalable and extensible.

If you master Actor Framework, you can simplify very complex application and ease your way of passing CLA.

What are different types of trainings available from Grafitects?

Following are the trainings which are available or prospected to be available from Grafitects

  • CLA Preparation with Actor Framework (Classroom)
  • CLA Preparation without OOP (Classroom)
  • CLD Preparation (Classroom, Online, Code Reviews, Manual, Training materials)
  • LabVIEW Algorithm Development (Online, Classroom)
  • LabVIEW Advanced UI Development (Online, Classroom)
  • LabVIEW OOP (Online, Classroom)
  • LabVIEW Beginners Training (Online, Classroom)

What is the duration of the training?

Instructor led classroom trainings has following routines.

  • CLD classroom training (4 days)
  • CLA classroom training (4 days)
  • CLA with Actor Framework classroom training (3 days)

Both instructor led trainings and self paced trainings has 12 Weeks routine. Follow the routine and sit the exam on 12th week.

Where are instructor led classroom trainings available?

Instructor led classroom trainings are currently available only in India, but there is possibility of conducting them in other regions too.

If you want to be part of this training, you can use alternative methods or travel to India for the training.

Can I get trained online?

Yes. You can for the available trainings.Please refer to the specific trainings on Services page to learn about options for online training.

What is a printed training manual?

At the moment, the printed training manual is only available for CLD preparation. If you cannot take part in classroom trainings, this is the best alternative. The printed manual contains everything that is in the classroom trainings and clearly laid out tutorials.

How can I receive training manual?

Once you complete the purchase, we will post the training manual to your address. Make sure that your postal address is deliverable.

What is code reviews for the training?

Code reviews provides you the clarity you are following the guidelines properly. This is done by LabVIEW training expert to make sure you learn practices quickly and effectively. This reduces the time and effort require to master the practice.

Options available for code reviews:

  1. Instructor led classroom trainings
  2. Training materials with code reviews

I am new to LabVIEW, how can I start?

To start with CLD training, you need to have at least one year of LabVIEW experience or completed LabVIEW Core 1 and Core 2 trainings.

In case you are a beginner, we have a beginners training, that will prepare you to start CLD training.

I am already experienced, I don't want to sit the training courses?

If you are already experienced and feel that you don't need training courses, we have following alternatives. Please look at Services page for more details.

For CLD Training:

  • Training materials with code reviews
  • Training materials

For CLA and CLA with Actor Framework Training:

  • Training materials

Do I need to pass CLAD to sit CLD examination?

No, NI no longer requires you to pass CLAD to sit CLD exam. Now, you can sit CLD exam directly.

You can still go for CLAD if you are beginner but it is not required to sit CLD examination.

Do I need to pass CLD examination to sit CLA training?

No, you can sit CLA training immediately after completing the CLD training.

But you need to pass CLD examination to sit CLA Examination. CLD is prerequisite to sit CLA exam.

Can I take CLA with Actor Framework directly without CLA Preparation training?

No, you need to complete CLA preparation training without OOP to move to CLA training with Actor Framework as it is more advanced training.

I am already CLA, Can I take Actor Framework training directly?

Yes, candidates who are already CLA can directly take CLA Preparation with Actor Framework training to learn Actor Framework.

How different is Grafitects training from NI Trainings?

CLD and CLA preparation trainings provided by Grafitects are specifically designed for the requirements of CLD and CLA Examination Preparation.

These training are neither based on nor are replacements for standard NI Trainings.



Strongly recommend get trained from Ram Gurung

A Very good Trainer with Immense Experience come Expertise by giving systematic approach in delivering the lectures and also making individual to perform LabVIEW programming by their own in systematic way with proper documentation with deep understanding for the near future. We had a very good rapport with the staff. I strongly recommend get trained from Mr.Ram Gurung and do the necessary workaround to get certified from NI platform to make individual to real Test Automation people towards the organization.

Schneider Electric

Really his inputs helps me a lot to clear CLD exam

I am happy that I got mentor like Mr. Ram Gurung. Really his inputs helps me a lot to clear CLD exam. Not only CLD exam, I leaned many things in LabVIEW programming. His technical proficiency, presentation and teaching skills are too good. Within short span of time (I mean in 4 days) he taught us many things. Thank you so much Ram !!!

ABB Global

I got CLD certification under your guidance only

Few people have the opportunity to get the trainer like Ram. I got structured CLD training which was conducted and guided by RAM. Ram has experience to guide us for LabVIEW certification-CLAD or CLD or CLA. He is really a proactive mentor. He has extensively command in LabVIEW. Thank you so much for your guidance. I got CLD certification under your guidance only.


His concepts , guidance and extended support helped me to crack CLD exam

I recommend Ram for his rich experience in LabVIEW training and problem solving techniques. His concepts , guidance and extended support helped me to crack CLD exam. keep up your dedication and congratulate you to achieve more in your path.

Ingersoll Rand

He has guided me time to time and has given clear picture to achieve CLD.

Mr. Ram's profile speaks for itself. I got opportunity to get deeper knowledge about LabVIEW programming in the form of PDP from Mr.Ram which turns to crack CLD. He has strong dedication in his Professional duty. His actions towards achieving target are perfect and very clear. He has guided me time to time and has given clear picture to achieve CLD. Mr.Ram is great person to get trained from him in his expertise to achieve individual goals. Thanks a lot , Ram !!!

Tata Elxsi

Anyone wants to learn LabVIEW, Ram is the right person for that

I got an opportunity to get trained for CLD exam preparation under Mr. Ram Gurung. He is an excellent tutor for LabVIEW. He is very clear and simple in teaching. Enormous knowledge about LabVIEW. Anyone wants to learn LabVIEW, Ram is the right person for that. Thanks Ram.

Tata Power SED

Ram is an exceptional LabVIEW Instructor

Ram is an exceptional LabVIEW Instructor, and a motivating personality with a highly positive attitude. He's highly skilled and insightful in NI Software, and have mastery over the concepts of making Reliable, Flexible, Scalable & Maintainable LabVIEW solutions, using the NI best practices. He has done outstanding job of mentoring >110 professionals & students to CLDs, and I'm one of them. I wish him all the very best.


He is excellent trainer and constant motivator during CLD training

I am very Lucky to get trained on CLD Exam under Mr Ram. He is excellent trainer and constant motivator during CLD training. I am very thankful to ram for his excellent training and consistent guidance.


An Excellent LabVIEW trainer and Instructor

Ram Gurung is an Excellent LabVIEW trainer and Instructor. His way of approach for the CLD training Questions is Great. This Helps to Clear my CLD Certification. He is very much Enthusiastic Person. After Ram Gurung Training I am following all NI LabVIEW Programming Guidelines.Also I got Interest to write a CLA because of his Training. Thanks Ram Gurung

Harman International

He is outstanding and excellent instructor in LabVIEW

I had a opportunity to get trained under Ram. He is outstanding and excellent instructor in LabVIEW. His ability to teach simple concepts as well as advance topics both are truly superior. The best part is that he helps us, how to chose right design pattern, the best practices and all NI recommendation guidelines while developing Labview program. His follow through, support and guidance helps me on track and motivates me to become a certified Labview Developer. My recommendation, "If anyone wants to be expertise in Labview, then get trained under Ram Gurung."


He is excellent instructor in LabVIEW

At first i would like to thanks ram. He is excellent instructor in LabVIEW. His guidence helped me a lot in CLD exam.


His training methods were excellent

I attended the training by Ram at National Instruments. His training methods were excellent, providing attention to each individual effectively and after going through the session my LabVIEW programming style improved a lot. My hats off to his patience in reviewing each of the trainee’s assignments and providing necessary feedback to help get through CLD and beyond. With Ram being the mentor, it was more of “LabVIEW learning” rather than “LabVIEW training” I greatly appreciate the time that he spent on me to make me a better programmer. Thanks for everything Ram ☺


He is aces in my books !!!

I have attended a lot of training sessions but have never came across an instructor like Ram. He is engaging, understands the highs and lows of trainees and creates a learning enviorment where you just absorb the content. What i liked about him the most is that even after the training is complete he follows up with you and monitors the performance and if need be then schedules a skype session to clear your doubts. He is aces in my books !!!


I owe it to you. 

Firstly I would like to thank Ram for his guidance and training to achieve CLD certificate. He was one of the best trainers I came across in my professional career. The strategy he gave us was very helpful in writing the CLD exam. His training session was well planned and easily understandable for the entire course period. He gave a lot of motivation and problem solving and debugging techniques. He also takes out the time to help solve the problems individual face during the problem solving. His comments on the codes was very useful in improving the programming. Overall it was the best training session I had in my professional career. Thanks you again Ram for such an amazing training session and help us pass the CLD exam. I owe it to you.


I am a CLD because of his training

Mr.Ram has very good in training and mentoring skills. Now I am a CLD because of his training , constant and intense follow up. He is Professional at his works.He always encourage and enhance others positive energy and make him self belief that they can achieve anything they wish. Once More Thanks for your LabView CLD Training and Guidance Ram.

Schneider Electric

He was one of the best trainers I came across in my professional career.

Firstly I would like to thank Ram for his guidance and training to achieve CLD certificate. He was one of the best trainers I came across in my professional career.I enjoyed his friendly and proficient approach towards teaching.His skills in teaching and making people understand the concept easily are really good and Its because of the training which i underwent under his guidance I was able to confidently give the exam and clear it. Looking forward to be trained by him for CLA also.


Amazed looking his programming skills, LabVIEW knowledge and his communication skill

I interacted Ram during LabVIEW proficiency development program at NI Bangalore. Truly speaking I was amazed looking his programming skills, LabVIEW knowledge and his communication skill. I strongly recommend Ram as a LabVIEW trainer/Instructor.

National Aerospace Laboratories

Highly energetic, motivated trainer

I ve attended Mr.Rams Training in National Instruments. Well planned sessions, In depth knowledge in LabVIEW, detailed explanations, patience in reviewing the code to make make the LabVIEW developments very professional are unique to his training.HE tries at his best to achieve perfection and make his students also to the level.Highly energetic,motivated trainer Best wishes

National Aerospace Laboratories

The best LabVIEW Instructor I have come across

I have had the pleasure of being Ram's student. And saying he is one of the best in coach LabVIEW is an understatement. I studied a lot of new and interesting topics from him, my style of coding, the methods of making the code simpler to understand and debugging and many more. This enabled me to crack the CLD certification effortlessly. He is an outstanding mentor, I say this as a proof for his constant motivation and encouragement that he gives his students. His excellent knowledge in LabVIEW and skills entitles him to the title of "LabVIEW CHAMPION". He is the best LabVIEW Instructor I have come across.