Are you planning to (AND/OR):


  • Develop robust and scalable small, medium, large scale and mission critical applications using LabVIEW
  • Improve your productivity and develop applications faster with highest reliability
  • Achieve NI LabVIEW Certifications (CLD, CLA)
  • Advance your career using LabVIEW Certifications
  • Start career or switch roles using LabVIEW
  • Start your own business as NI Alliance Partner

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned LabVIEW developer, whether you are a student, researcher, engineer, or scientist, whether you are a solo developer or team member, whether you are looking for a role or run a big business, if you or your team uses LabVIEW then Certified LabVIEW Developer is the minimum qualification you need to have to prove your skills and consolidate value to your employer and develop trust to your customers.


Post Ram Gurung’s training; who is also a LabVIEW Champion, NI Certified LabVIEW Architect, Keynote Speaker, regular presenter at NI conferences and seminars, Youtube Vlogger (LabVIEW ADVANTAGE – Youtube Channel), LabVIEW Training and Certification Expert, and Highly Acclaimed LabVIEW Instructor in the Industry; participants has experienced the transformation in their work life:

  • Quality of their work and confidence improved
  • Employer, Customers, and Peers’ perceptions improved
  • New project opportunities
  • Increased compensations and promotions at work


Other perks of NI Certification (CLD & CLA):

  • Internationally recognized Industry certification
  • You can start your own NI Alliance Partner company
  • Free invitation to Annual NI Certified Professionals conferences to learn, network, and grow(CLD Summit, CLA Summit)
  • CLAs have access to private discussion forum page
  • Develop value in the industry – More than 35,000 + Companies around the world uses LabVIEW
  • Industries include Academic & Research, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Energy, Electronics, Semiconductors, Medical, Industrial Machinery and more

Without the Grafitects’ structured training, a developer would have required a lot of time and effort to reach the same potential.


Achievements of Grafitects:

  • Hundreds of participants trained
  • Thousands of hours of trainings conducted
  • Hundreds of hours of code reviews performed
  • Produced more than hundred CLDs and a CLA (And Counting)
  • Received hundreds of highly acclaimed feedbacks verbally and digitally (LinkedIn recommendations)

Be part of our training and gain the competitive advantage in the Industry. Apart from LabVIEW trainings, we provide Software Engineering concepts, best practices, code reviews, structured routine, and World Class training materials that works!

Invest in your LabVIEW training with Grafitects and flourish your career.

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