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Our Ethos

To merely writing a working code is not good enough. Writing a LabVIEW code that helps you and other developers to solve engineering challenges rapidly and effectively that improves the world we live in is LabVIEW Proficiency.

This is an Ethos of becoming responsible LabVIEW Developers and Architects.

In essence,

Learn to Write a LabVIEW code that lives on Forever!

What is Grafitects?

On the summer of 2015, Ram Gurung received an email with a request to train students from North Indian College (AKGEC) to become Certified LabVIEW Developers. With success of pilot program and another training the following year, we were able to produce 17 CLDs.

Then he received an opportunity for next challenge to develop Proficiency in India with collaboration of National Instruments. In nearly 2 years, we trained varieties of customers from all domains and disciplines. After crossing 100 CLDs, it was the time to refine the training and take up next challenge and make this widely acclaimed LabVIEW training available to Everyone.

This is when Grafitects was born,

Graphical Programming Architects

  • phi in Graphical is replaced with fi to indicate fidelity (exactness, accuracy)
  • lowercase i with blue dot represents the inclusiveness (Empowering and transforming the self and the customers)

Grafitects mission:

All LabVIEW users at least must become Certified LabVIEW Developers


Really his inputs helps me a lot to clear CLD exam

I am happy that I got mentor like Mr. Ram Gurung. Really his inputs helps me a lot to clear CLD exam. Not only CLD exam, I leaned many things in LabVIEW programming. His technical proficiency, presentation and teaching skills are too good. Within short span of time (I mean in 4 days) he taught us many things. Thank you so much Ram !!!

ABB Global

I got CLD certification under your guidance only

Few people have the opportunity to get the trainer like Ram. I got structured CLD training which was conducted and guided by RAM. Ram has experience to guide us for LabVIEW certification-CLAD or CLD or CLA. He is really a proactive mentor. He has extensively command in LabVIEW. Thank you so much for your guidance. I got CLD certification under your guidance only.


I cleared my CLD as well as CLA under his guidance

I am writing this letter to recommend Mr. Ram Gurung as LabVIEW instructor for LabVIEW training. He is a very good LabVIEW trainer. He is having much experience in LabVIEW and programming concepts. He is also having much experience as LabVIEW trainer. I cleared my CLD as well as CLA under his guidance. I appreciate his way of delivering the knowledge to trainee. His first get to know knowledge level of candidate in a particular topic/area of programming and then he make/modify his training schedule so that candidate will properly understand what he teaches from 1st day of training. His concepts in LabVIEW and in advance programming (ie. OOPs, Actor Framework, Multi thread communication etc.) is very much clear so he easily clear the doubts with best relevant examples while training. He can easily give training to anyone (i.e to experienced professionals or Students.) Apart from a good and professional trainer, he is a person with very polite behavior. I recommend him for any LabVIEW related training to anyone.

Maxeye Technologies

I am a CLD because of his training

Mr.Ram has very good in training and mentoring skills. Now I am a CLD because of his training , constant and intense follow up. He is Professional at his works.He always encourage and enhance others positive energy and make him self belief that they can achieve anything they wish. Once More Thanks for your LabView CLD Training and Guidance Ram.

Schneider Electric

The best LabVIEW Instructor I have come across

I have had the pleasure of being Ram's student. And saying he is one of the best in coach LabVIEW is an understatement. I studied a lot of new and interesting topics from him, my style of coding, the methods of making the code simpler to understand and debugging and many more. This enabled me to crack the CLD certification effortlessly. He is an outstanding mentor, I say this as a proof for his constant motivation and encouragement that he gives his students. His excellent knowledge in LabVIEW and skills entitles him to the title of "LabVIEW CHAMPION". He is the best LabVIEW Instructor I have come across.


Meet the Team

Grafitects team is passionate and committed towards continuous refinement and delivery of World Class training and implementation of the best practices in the Industry within record time and effort.

Ram Kumar Gurung

Founder & Director

Ram Kumar Gurung is a LabVIEW Champion, NI Certified LabVIEW Architect, Keynote Speaker, regular presenter at NI conferences and seminars, Youtube Vlogger (LabVIEW ADVANTAGE – Youtube Channel), LabVIEW Training and Certification Expert, and Highly Acclaimed LabVIEW Instructor in the Industry. He has helped develop the LabVIEW Proficient and Competent community in India and beyond.

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