There is a reason why standards are in the place. Imagine a world where everyone can become anything or anyone regardless of their motivation, effort, dedication, and finally a passion. You meet a doctor who does not know how to treat you properly. You meet a security guard who does not know how to protect not only you but also himself. You meet a driver who does not know how to drive. And most severe of them all, you meet a teacher who does not know how to teach.

We all want things effortlessly in life without putting enough devotion, determination, and passion. But this is not how the world works. Certifications build trust between people you deal with. The world cannot exist without a relationship. So to build trust, you need entities that helps you to transact by providing the trust. So entities like Government issues you National identity, Transportation department provides you driving license, medical institution provides you practice license, colleges provides you graduation certificate, and industries provides various professional certificates.

Certifications build trust and gives you competitive edge

All these licenses and certificates tells you to trust the person who owns it. But it is only a 50% truth. In my life, I have seen a person without medical degree in pharmacy dispensing prescription medicines. I have seen people owning a driving license without passing the test. I have also been taught by people who knew nothing what they were teaching and what was the significance of spending time learning that. This has all happened because,

We have become too much Goal-Oriented and not Process-Oriented

More waking up call came when I had a chance to interview lot of graduates and certified professionals. I know we all need money and resource to survive, but if we don’t know what we are doing and why, it becomes meaningless. Then you lose the negotiating power against the potential employer or the customer. When I meet a person with MBBS or MD, I trust that I can rely my life on his hands. Similarly, when we meet a person with CLD or CLA certification, we entrust that he knows how to handle the LabVIEW projects.

Unproficient Certification can be double edged sword

But one must also understand that just passing CLD is not going to make you proficient LabVIEW Developer. Just like just passing the MBBS, you cannot become a doctor, you have to do enough regulated practices to earn that term. To become a proficient LabVIEW Developer, you don’t actually need CLD or CLA. I have seen many LabVIEW developers who develop applications at highest level but don’t have time and energy to sit the certification exams. And in some cases, their organization does not need them to prove it.

But us who work in professional world, where we are not only striving to survive but also to improve lives of everyone by removing the useless, Certification is highly important.

Certification helps you to develop trust among the peers, team members, and customers. If you are fresher or planning to switch a job, certification matters more. Because there are hundreds of thousands of engineers looking for opportunity, so what is your USP aka Unique Selling Point? i.e. the distinguishing factor. The certification will make you stand out among the others. Also if you are highly experienced and want change in life, you can start your own consulting company and gain the status of NI Alliance Partner. So certification is very very important. But it is only a key. If you have certification but not the essence of LabVIEW Developer it is going to be useless and can slowly diminish the value of certification among the customers.

Fall in Love with what you do, to Love you must be responsible

CLD or CLA is not only the certification but also a responsibility. To understand and develop this responsibility, you have to fall in love with what you do. And you can only fall in love if you understand what you are doing and why?

To fall in love with what you are doing, you have to understand what you are doing and why. If you skip the process, you will suffer. You can get the interview but you won’t get the deal. But the preparation is an ongoing progress. Learning is a ongoing process but it does not have to take too much effort or too much time.

Expert Instructors and LabVIEW Community is Must

If you can find the right experts with extensive industrial expertise, you can reduce your time and effort significantly. What it can take for others years you can learn and master in months, weeks, or even days. So expert led training and LabVIEW User Group communities are best ways to excel your development.

Learn not only to become certified, but also learn the essence of LabVIEW Application and Architecture Development. The Best LabVIEW Learning Experience which will make you enjoy using LabVIEW. Then you can ace your interviews and improve both your customer and developer experience.

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