CLA Preparation Actor Framework – Classroom

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 icon-check  Instructor led Classroom training
 icon-check  Available Worldwide (Classroom/ Online)
 icon-check  Learn to Architect Large scale complex applications using Actor Framework and prepare to pass the CLA Exam
 icon-check  3 Days Classroom/ 2 Days Online
 icon-check  Training Routine
 icon-check  OOP in LabVIEW Fundamentals
 icon-check  Actor Oriented Design Fundamentals
 icon-check  Architecture Development
 icon-check  Advanced Software Engineering
 icon-check  LabVIEW Project Management
 icon-check  API Development
 icon-check  3 Sample Exams & Solutions using Actor
 icon-check  3 Functional Solutions using Actor
 icon-check  3 Code Reviews using Actor
 icon-check  Speed Training
 icon-check  NI Recommended Guidelines
 icon-check  Exam Strategy for CLA using Actor
 icon-check  Prerequisite: Participant must complete CLA Preparation training or must be Certified LabVIEW Architect or Highly Experienced LabVIEW Developer
 icon-check  Email Support for Queries
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4 Days Routine

  • Day 1
    • Big Applications
    • Software life cycles
    • Project Management
    • User Interface Design
  • Day 2
    • Design Patterns, Frameworks, & Architectures
    • Asynchronous Processes
    • Inter-Process Communication
    • Architecture Development
  • Day 3
    • Architecture Development (Continued)
    • API Development
    • Database
    • Central Error Handling
    • Requirements Coverage
    • Instructions for Developer
  • Day 4
    • Architecture Development (Continued)
    • Speed Training
    • NI Recommended Guidelines
    • Exam Day Strategy
    • XControls
    • Source Code Control
  • Big Applications
  • Asynchronous processes
  • QMH/MVC vs Actor Framework
  • Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals
  • Actor Framework Fundamentals
  • Architecture Development
  • Best practices using Actor Framework
  • Inter-process Communication
  • API Development
  • Day 2 Continues
  • Requirements Coverage
  • Instructions for developer NI Recommended Guidelines
  • Exam Day Strategy

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