CLA Actor Framework Online


  • Course designed by Ram Gurung, CLA & LabVIEW Champion, 140+ CLDs trained
  • Highly customized based on participant’s requirements
  • Express 2 Days Exam Focused Online
  • Suitable for participants with some experience of OOP and Architecture Development
  • Suitable also for Certified LabVIEW Architects who wants to learn Actor Framework
  • Instructor led Online training
  • 3 Sample Exams & Solutions and 3 Code Reviews
  • Email Support for Queries
  • See description for Training Agenda & 2 Days Routine
  • Price inclusive of all taxes

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2 Days Routine

  • Day 1
    • Asynchronous processes
    • QMH/MVC vs Actor Framework
    • Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals
    • Actor Framework Fundamentals
    • Architecture Development
  • Day 2
    • Best practices using Actor Framework
    • Inter-process Communication
    • API Development
    • Requirements Coverage
    • Instructions for developer NI Recommended Guidelines
    • Exam Day Strategy

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