LabVIEW as a mainstream programming Language (2 minutes Survey)

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To understand the LabVIEW users perspective on LabVIEW compared to other programming languages.

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The information will be used on GLA Summit Presentation – Challenges and Possibilities of LabVIEW as mainstream Programming Language, 4:30 PM IST, 16th November 2021. 
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11 thoughts on “LabVIEW as a mainstream programming Language (2 minutes Survey)”

  1. Really good questions, that have the main focus on the problem that have LabVIEW developers when they have to defend why they like to use LabVIEW instead of “real” programming languages.
    Greetings David

  2. People have a very strong idea about what programming ‘looks like’ and LabVIEW breaks that. No IDE and no text fields can really make it not look like a language at all. We can take advantage of the popularity of Scratch or Lego Mindstorms EV3 environments that young STEAM students may have experienced to connect them to LabVIEW, especially with Community edition

  3. This is a good conversation to have. I really wish they played up the visual/spatial aspect of the dev environment more. A zoom feature would really be cool… Maybe someday we could program in a 3D immersive VR environment too.

  4. I also have a love hate relationship with LabVIEW. It is great for prototyping, and visualising the dataflow. I find it less useful when working with drivers written in other languages as they are not always compatible or when writing an application which needs to change between French & English.

  5. I am using LabVIEW since last 7 year. It’s a equally great / frequently used programming language as other languages. I will not be surprising if I would say that my entire family is leaving quality of life just because I am good developer in LabVIEW.

  6. I fell in love with LabVIEW from the first time I used it, I am very visual and able to program (something I like) and being able to have an easy connection with the world of electronics, I love it

  7. I have been used Labview more than 12 years and from labview 6.1 onwards. Its have easiest and high accuracy data acquisition option and we can design architecture with high precision.


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