Why You cannot become LabVIEW Expert by watching youtube videos.

About me

  • Ram Gurung, CLA and LabVIEW Champion
  • Trained ~600 Professionals
  • ~95% Engineers, ~5% Scientists & Small number of students
  • Impacted 100+ Companies
  • Successfully trained 157 CLDs and 9 CLAs
  • LabVIEW consulting since 2012
  • Presented at CLA Summit, GLA Summit, CLD Summit, Developer Days, and IndLUG community Events
  • Founded Grafitects in 2019
  • LabVIEW & TestStand consulting services
  • Training & certification services
  • Recruitment Services

Pros & Cons of learning LabVIEW from Youtube Videos


  • Faster
  • Cheaper
  • Problem Specific
  • Good for express users who just want to build and forget


  • Problem specific
  • Learn in a wrong way
  • Lack full picture
  • No structure in training
  • Bad for large scale application
  • Bad for team based development environment

Consider different people watched 11 different videos. Since limited information is available, they will all have their own interpretations and conclusions leading to distorted form of process.

For this example, the process is supposed to be like sinusoidal wave as shown above.

Then the question may arise Why did I started LabVIEW Advantage Youtube Channel?

  • There were already lot of Youtube channels on LabVIEW
  • But… they were mostly product and services centric
  • Wanted to demonstrate the potential of LabVIEW
  • The objective was not only about LabVIEW but a holistic approach to include LabVIEW community also
    • CLA Summit, CLD Summit and IndLUG Events
    • Interviews with LabVIEW Champions, LabVIEW Legends & Personalities

Biggest Problem of them all

  • Most LabVIEW instructors had never developed application in LabVIEW
  • I interviewed CLADs, CLDs, and CLAs but they did not had essence of a responsible developer
  • This what also encouraged me to build Grafitects
  • Grafitects means ‘Graphical Programming Architects‘
    • Which literally means you know what you are doing

This is why all our trainings are optimized & Loved by participants

  • 100+ recommendations on LinkedIn
  • Structured
  • Best Learning Experience in the industry
  • Competitive Pricing for the Value
  • It is nearly impossible to find a best combination of developer+instructor, at Grafitects – it is the only thing you get

Grafitects Training vs LabVIEW Advantage Youtube Channel


  • Best in the industry
  • Learning Experience
  • Know what you are doing
  • Structured
  • Progressive
  • Become expert in the industry
  • Proven way to get certified

LabVIEW Advantage Youtube Channel

  • Problem specific
  • Free
  • Know potential of LabVIEW

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